Get involved

As a volunteer organisation, we are made up of local people who care passionate about the future of our area.

You can join the Conservative Party for £25 per year (£5 for those aged 23 and under). As a member, you will:

  • Receive a membership card and welcome letter
  • Gain access to our Affinity Programme
  • Be invited to Party Conferences
  • Get to vote in Party Leadership elections
  • Be entitled to vote in the candidate selection process for Councillors, MPs and MEPs
  • Get to vote at the Association’s AGM


You will also be invited to join us at:

The Conservative Policy Forum

This forum meets about five times a year to discuss the issues that will shape the future of our country. We discuss the same topic as every other Association in the country, with the views of local members fed back to Government Ministers. It’s an important way to have your say and help form Government policy.

Social Events

Throughout the year we arrange a wide range of social events—from dinners with senior politicians to non-political lunches and drinks events. We have recently hosted events with Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, Home Secretary Theresa May and Esther McVey. Each year, the Cheshire & Wirral Conservative Conference sees senior Government Ministers, local MPs, MEPs, Council leaders and other guests address members from across the local area. Details of upcoming events will be listed on this website.

Community Action

As Conservatives we’re committed to improving our local communities. Association members join local Councillors in supporting the Association, helping the Conservatives stay in Government and keeping our local area, and our country, on the right track. You can contribute in any way with which you are comfortable, from delivering a few leaflets to potentially standing for Council. 


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