The flood in New Houses Lane is a distant memory

"The flood in New Houses Lane is a distant memory to many but not to me" says Councillor Nigel Jones, "and I am determined to see this matter through to a sensible conclusion." 

The drains have been exposed, cleared and inspected and are seemingly are working properly - so we still need to get to the bottom of why the flooding was happening in the first place - though I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that they were buried beneath 12 inches of silt and mud. 

That is a matter for the experts at the moment but now that we are into the summer months (well almost!) there is a window of opportunity to get the problem properly resolved before next winter. I met with representatives of Network Rail at the site last week and I am reliably informed that they will be putting more substantial fencing up around the bridge to prevent people from crossing the lines in the event of any recurrence of the flood waters - so at least lives won’t be put in danger.

Now we also need to get the pigeon netting replaced and another nuisance will go away. 

If you are affected by the numerous pigeons roosting in the area, do please let me know.