Have your say on the future of Infrastructure, Investment & Devolution

Our local branch of the Conservative Policy Forum usually meets throughout the year to discuss the issues that will shape the future of our community and country.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this isn't currently possible - but we do want to make sure members can have their say on the policies we will deliver in Government.

We are therefore holding Conservative Policy Forum consultations with an online survey on the current topic: Infrastructure, Investment & Devolution.

I know that many of you will have strong opinions on these topics and it would be great to get your insights. All comments will be summarised and shared with the national Party and relevant Government departments.

So please join in and share your views on this important topic. You can do so in three simple steps:

  1. To get up to speed on the topic, there is a briefing note you can read by clicking here.
  2. Want to share your views? Click here to find our special survey on this topic
  3. Once you have finished, just hit submit.

There are just nine questions in the survey - it should only 5 minutes or so - and your responses will be really valuable to us.

Conservative Policy Forum: Infrastructure Investment and Devolution

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What examples of "levelling up" would you like to see?
On a scale of 1-10, how important do you think the Green Agenda should be to our plans in Government?
Which of these statements best represents your view of devolution?