Conservatives say: Let local communities decide on fracking

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in recent years on plans for ‘fracking’ in Cheshire. In the last few weeks the energy firm, IGas, have started the process of seeking planning permission for a shale gas exploration site to allow ‘fracking’ on Ince Marshes.

Our position on ‘fracking’ is clear – local Conservatives will listen to our residents’ wishes and stand up for their interests.

We know that many people are deeply concerned about this whole industry and its potential implications for our communities and the environment. That’s why:

  • We believe local residents’ should have a significant, unbiased and clear say in any plans for ‘fracking’ locally,
  • We want to see a sensible, fact-based debate take place in the community and not one hijacked by inflammatory arguments and potential scaremongering, and
  • We will respect the views expressed and campaign to represent them at every level.

That means we won’t allow the views of those most closely affected to be ignored by developers or the Labour-run Cheshire West and Chester Council. Our view is simple – ask local residents and respect their wishes.

To underline this approach, we are calling for local referendums to be held in areas directly affected by any firm plans for ‘fracking’. This would allow a fair and democratic process to send a clear message to developers and the council, hopefully following an open and informed debate.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Labour have yet to back our call for a community vote.

As your local representatives, we’ll be guided by what our local communities tell us. If you back our calls for residents to be directly consulted, please sign our petition below:

Conservatives say: Let local communities decide on fracking

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Do you support the Cheshire West and Chester Conservative team in calling for a local referendum be held on any firm plans for ‘fracking’ in your area?